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RediMount Motor Mounting System

The RediMount™ motor mounting system allows an easy, error free and quick connection of Thomson Micron’s TRUE Planetary® gearheads to just about motor available in the market. The innovative design, with adapter sleeve and input housing, features gearhead mounting within one working process.

  • Self-aligning hub - Maintains concentricity between motor shaft and gearhead
  • Pre-installed pinion - Eliminates pinion setting procedure
  • Modular design - Allows gearhead and input housing to be stocked separately
  • Flexibility - Allows easy changeover to alternate motors
  • Interchangeability - Same RediMount system is used throughout 7 product lines.

RediMount Adapters Micron Gearheads
RM060 XT060, VT006, VTR006
RM075 VT075, VTR075, VT090, VTR090
RM090 XT080
RM100 VT010, VTR010, VT115, VTR115
RM115 XT120
RM142 XT160
RM180 VT018, VTR018
RM220 VT014, VTR014

RediMount Motor Mounting System
RediMount Motor Mounting System

TRUE Planetary™ Gearheads