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Human/Machine Interfaces

MMI (Man Machine Interface) or HMI (Human Machine Interface), human computer interaction is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations for automation technology. Kollmorgen offers a wide range of MMI or HMI hardware that provides complete flexibility for input and information display options to match and to optimise your machine's specific functionality. The comprehensive range comprises touchscreens, robust function keypads and keyboards in many varieties and sizes.

Kollmorgen Visualization Builder

Kollmorgen Visualization Builder The Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ includes operator touchscreens from 4.3 bis 21.5 inches with input and programming options for a wide range of motion-centric automation applications, from a simple single-axis machine with the most basic Human Machine Interface to highly complex multi-faceted systems with several HMI entry points.

Kollmorgen Visualization Builder™ is the graphical tool for building the software that defines the human machine interface. An integral part of the total Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ development environment, Kollmorgen Visualization Builder gives you a quick, easy way to create your HMI program and transfer it to a standalone HMI panel. The standalone HMI panels are used in a KAS system, with AKD PDMM or with the base AKD or AKD BASIC versions.

Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ HMI

Kollmorgen HMI Kollmorgen Automation Suite’s wide range of easy-to-use, industrial grade HMI panels gives your machine unparalleled data input and information display capabilities. Attractive, ergonomic displays are available in a variety of rugged and reliable touch screen sizes and formats that are easy to develop and implement.